Sunday, August 25, 2019

Performance mgmt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Performance mgmt - Essay Example The suggested style is to begin by leading through example among managers and understanding why the difficult employees behave like they do. In the course of this understanding, root causes will be unearthed and lasting solutions found for the growth and profitability of the enterprise. 1. Pay attention: to correct unwanted employee behavior, it is important that the responsible managers do not ignore the difficult employees when they act inappropriately. By yelling at these staff, the root causes of their actions will not be identified and the end result being lack of productivity and further rebellion. 2. Take immediate action: Managers should act as soon as possible on poor behavior when evidence of such is witnessed. Failure to act in real time will lead to further escalation of the problem. It is sometime notable that a number of employees with misconduct issues do not realize that their actions are offensive to others around them and therefore immediate action goes a long way in bringing to their attention the wrongs in their actions for subsequent corrections. 3. Carry out a personal investigation of the problem: After sufficient investigation by the manager, it is important that he calls the person to a private meeting to find out if he knows about the said misbehavior. If it is determined that he is not aware of the conducts as inappropriate, then a clear explanation should be made to him on what is considered appropriate and what is not (Williams, p 48). The employee should in this meeting be given the chance to respond to the allegations by the manager to help further shed light into the root causes of the problem. 4. Provide support: It is the responsibility of managers upon taking note of negative behaviors and discussing them with the affected discussing employee to initiate a coaching program aimed at helping these members of staff adopt better and acceptable behavior in work places. It is

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