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Environmental Audit (Data Response) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Environmental Audit (Data Response) - Essay Example There may many country specific factors, which could impact the functioning of the organization in the Host country, including its Human Resource (HR) functions. When an organization starts off its foreign operations, the role of HR department and optimum HR practices is crucial because it can only facilitate and encourage coordination and cooperation between employees from both the host country as well as home country (company’s home country). In this report, Russia is the host country, and so this report will discuss how a multinational company in IT sector, while entering Russia particularly in the form of Joint Venture (JV) need to analyse its HR functions to optimally manage its operations there. Economic Indicators Russia's geographic position as neighbour and a key influencer of the expanding European Union and the dynamic countries of Asia including China and India has given it new options to optimize its globalization drive. So, it is encouraging many multinational co mpanies (MNC) to enter and start their operations. Actually, Russia’s incorporation of globally dominant norms, rules, etc as part of economic globalization, took some time to actualize. That is, when Russia endorsed and embraced globalization, it was not a smooth transition, as certain tough decisions were taken. When globalization made its entry into Russia, there was sceptical feeling that globalization and the entry of foreign firms particularly from Western countries is actually a form of US-led hegemony increasing Russia’s marginality in world affairs. â€Å"Their fear of globalization is heightened by the perception that the process is not driven by the impersonal forces of the information revolution and the market, but controlled by the United States as part of a hegemonic project† (Federov 2000). Russia voluntarily took certain steps to welcome globalization and thereby open its market to foreign firms. That is, by introducing convertibility of the nati onal currency and liberalizing both current and capital accounts of her balance of payments, Russia fully exposed herself to globalization. (Vorobyov and Zhukov 2001). From that time, Russia is encouraging entry of foreign firms and also Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in the Russian IT sector. Although, Russia’s IT industry and market is considered small, when compared with other regions and countries, MNCs like SAP, TietoEnator, T-System, etc are expanding their operations, along with the domestic players. Importantly, the potential of Russia’s IT market is going to optimize, with its quick recovery from the economic recession. â€Å"Russia has experienced a surprisingly quick rebound after being heavily affected by the economic crisis in 2009†¦The Russian ICT market is being driven by information technology spending, which is expected to increase by 12 percent to 15 billion euros in 2011.† ( 2011) Comparative analysis of HR systems in both Europ e and the US Each nation is different from one another based on their culture, people, language, climate, etc, etc†¦and based on these differences; there will be different styles of HRM. Thus, different management styles and importantly HRM policies seen in the functioning of MNCs are dependent on the culture and other regional factors of a country. That is, when one focuses on the HRM policies in USA, it

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