Tuesday, September 24, 2019

International Law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

International Law - Case Study Example In the give case, a totalitarian president, Barmy has invaded the adjacent sovereign state Whiteland using muscle power. Neither the people of Whiteland nor the political regime of the Whiteland, has not done anything wrong to provoke Barmy or the Redland. Moreover, the Redland president Barmy has not cited any reasons for his action and the annexation of the Whiteland. The above case has lot of similarities with the Saddam Husain's seizure of Kuwait. Kuwaiti people never liked the intrusion of Saddam into the Kuwait territories. Saddam's claim over Kuwait was unjustifiable and it was just an excuse Saddam put forward for attacking the neighboring state. By capturing Kuwait, Saddam has violated all the international laws regarding the sovereignty of a country or state. Sovereignty is one of the fundamental rights of each country. It is the claim of having supreme, independent authority over a territory which is recognized by the United Nations. All the nations irrespective of what political ideologies they follow should respect the sovereignty of other independent states. Muscle power and forces should never be exercised upon a sovereign state without proper reasons. Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter states that the use of force is justified under only two circumstances: in individual or collective self-defence, as outlined in Article 51, or pursuant to a Security Council resolution, as outlined in Article 42" (The War on Iraq: Legal Issues, 2003)1. In the given case, Barmy or the Redland was not at all under any threats from the Whiteland and Barmy's action cannot be justified. Nobody wants to be ruled by an autocratic or totalitarian administration. Such administration will use iron fist for suppressing the interests of the people. Freedom of expression or any other basic human requirements will definitely be denied by a totalitarian ruler. When Saddam captured Kuwait, the international community and the Kuwaitis shouted against Saddam because of their fear against such totalitarian approach from Saddam Husain. Barmy was a totalitarian ruler and under his administration the Whiteland people will become slaves having their freedom cut down to a big zero. Whiteland public has every right to decide about their administration and a civilized country will never wish to be under the administration of a totalitarian ruler at present. International law is an arcane subject for those at all levels of opinion, ranging from the general public to top opinion leaders (Perry, 1998). It is not possible for countries to progress by violating international laws. In a civilized society like the present one, integration of the interests of the people on a global basis is required. Globalization and Liberalization are policies aimed at the integration of the global public and the collective economic growth. Invading other countries for expanding the territories is a barbarian act which was prevalent in the ancient societies. But the advancements in science and technology and the earlier lessons learned from international conflicts like the world wars have drastically changed the social views about the expansion of territories. In short, capturing Whiteland, Barmy has violated all the international laws regarding the sovereignty, freedom, and legal rights of a country to select their administra

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