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Pride and Prejudice :: essays research papers fc

In the novel Pride and Prejudice , Jane Austen takes you back to times where Pride were not only for the rich and noble and Prejudice were the issues of the time. This is a classical love story from the eighteenth century, which takes place in England. The novels focus in on a spirited young woman, Elizabeth and her family, the Bennets. Mrs. Bennets main goal is to get all of her daughters married, no matter what the consequence. Through many heart aches and pains Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia fulfills Mrs. Bennets dream and marries, but they may all not live happily ever after.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Jane was the first of five sisters to have an opportunity of engagement. A Mr. Bingley had just come to the town of Netherfield, who was the talk of the town. â€Å"A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!† (p. 9; Chapter I) Mrs. Bennet declared to have him over and for Mr. Bennet to become acquaint with him so he could meet up with the girls. The first meeting the two had with each other was at a ball where he asked to dance with her twice and did not let any other girl have that same pleasure. Jane fell instantly in love with him, as she explained to her sister Elizabeth â€Å"He is just what a young man ought to be.† said she, â€Å"sensible, good humored, lively; and I never saw such happy manners!-so much ease, with such perfect good breeding!† (p.18; Chapter IV) They would then have other meetings with each other and grew an intense liking for one another.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One day Jane was to go to Netherfield and have dinner with Miss Bingley. His sister did not really think she liked her brother because she showed him no particular affection. She tried to tell her to be more persuasive and when she did not she and Mr. Bingley’s friend Mr. Darcy took him out of town with haste. She received a letter on their departure and read it with Lizzy, â€Å"This is from Caroline Bingley; what it contains, has surprise me a good deal. The whole party have left Netherfield by this time, and are on their way to town; and without any intention of coming back again.† (p. 102; Chapter XXI) Jane wrote to Miss Bingley many times, but in return she was told that Mr. Bingley was spending much time with Miss Darcy. Crushed she decided to visit her aunt and uncle, the Gardiners.

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