Saturday, September 7, 2019

Strategic plan for robin hood and merry men and women Research Paper

Strategic plan for robin hood and merry men and women - Research Paper Example This has put Robin in a dilemma and he has to make a decision sooner than later to feed all of them. An option that he is considering but not sure is creation of transit taxes. Robin acts as the CEO, and is responsible and makes all the important decisions. He is assisted by lieutenants who have specific roles assigned to them and concentrate on that. This is in the lines of Fayolism theory (Gallagher et al., 1997). But this is now very tough considering the size of the organization. The charismatic leadership of Robin has worked wonderfully until now. He has been bale to influence his followers by his personal characteristics rather than his position of authority. He has all the characteristics of a charismatic leader such as passion, vision, risk taking, etc (Daft, 2007). But now he will need to find other charismatic and transformational leaders who can work within the organization. BMMMW needs to rework on the focus. Robin’s personal vendetta must not come in the way of th e much higher goal of welfare of the people. BMMMW still do not have a proper strategy to achieve their goal. Recommendations On assessing the current situation and the primary objective of the organization, following recommendations are made: A plan of action needs to be designed.

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