Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The 1960’s - Rooster Essay -- Drama

The 1960’s - Rooster In expressive arts we are studying the theme of the 60’s. In our lesson we watched a dance called â€Å"Rooster†. Rooster was created for the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve and first performed on October 10 1991 at the Grand Theatre de Geneve, Switzerland. It was first performed by Rambert Dance Company on 8 December 1994 at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle. Christopher Bruce (the choreographer), wished to celebrate the music and to use the qualities of the song to reflect the "sexual war" between women and men that he felt was revalent during his teenage years. He compared the image of a strutting cockerel with its fine feathers and the men dressed up to go out. Rooster is a creation of the 1960’s by using music, dance, gesture and costume to create the feeling of a Saturday night out. My first impression of the dance was very strange, as it opened with a man moving across the stage in a very strange way. A style of walk that the man did was a move where he slid his feet along the floor and jutted his head forward. This move reminded me of a bird, and was actually named the â€Å"rooster strut†. There are about 10 people in this dance, but there are 2 main dances throughout. I believe it shows what a normal night out in the 60’s was like. The costumes are very significant to the dance. The women wear a mini skirts, this relates to the 60’s because this was very fashionable at this time. It is a combination of black and red. This contra...

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