Saturday, October 19, 2019

Analyse and evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host Essay - 3

Analyse and evaluate the impact of volunteer tourism on host communities - Essay Example If the host community is from developing countries, it is therefore evident that host community might have little or no knowledge on how to develop and manage development projects. For this reason, the volunteer tourists find it critical to design some training programs that would enable the community to come up with projects that can help them overcome various economical and social challenges facing them. This way, even after the tourists leave the community, the trained members would be in a position to run the already established projects and even be able to come up with others. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to rely on the tourists all the time they have challenges. The overall goal for such an initiative is to equip the community with the necessary knowledge that they can use to alienate poverty and other social economic challenges (Bricker, et al 256). For instance, many developing countries have arable lands, but they lack the knowledge that can be used to make it economically viable. In such a situation, volunteer tourists may decide to come up with a project that educates farmers on the best farming practices that can help them improve their outputs. On the same note, although some people may be having good knowledge of producing abundant farm products, some may lack the necessary skills that would enable them make good earning from the same. Some produce perishable products that cannot last for a long time, but lack the knowledge on how to preserve them. In that case, volunteer tourists can help them on how to preserve such products. On the other hand, although some would be able to produce abundant products, they might lack the skills required to trade in order to get money from their products. Different trading skills can be taught and how that can be turn around to become a farming business. Therefore, it is correct to argue that provision of

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