Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Business Regulatory Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Regulatory Law - Essay Example The federal government can make arrangements for the protection f the population from the pollution that flows down from other states. The federal government expects the local governments to put into effect national environmental laws, including the Clean Water Act. However, the federal government has some concerns if the state and local governments are not managing the inspections in a timely manner. The federal government also has concerns that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not following through. A resident f Erehwon, Ms. Kelly Bates has accused Alumina, Inc. f frequently contaminating the waters f Lake Dira with carcinogenic effluents, and has alleged that the consumption f the water is the prime cause f her 10 year old daughter's leukemia. Ms. Bates also alleges that her daughter's illness maybe as old as Alumina's first environmental law violation. The incident occurred five years ago. Alumina Inc. was reported to be in violation f an environmental discharge into Lake Dira. Alumina followed through and cleaned the spill up and the violation was corrected (UOP, 2007). People in a local newspaper, The Erehwon Reporter, seemed to want to keep the fire burning. Kelly Bates threatened to file a $5 million personal injury case against Alumina Inc. to recover compensatory and punitive damages. Ms. Bates alleged that Alumina's careless conduct is the immediate cause f her daughter's illness in though this occurred five years ago and the company has not had any further problems (UOP, 2007). The Scientific report on water pollution has rendered Ms. Bates claim unsubstantiated. Regulations and Legal Issues There are a few very important facts that include regulations and legal issues that are present within the Alumina simulation and they are as follows: Regulation f Business. There should be written roles and regulations that coincide with Federal and State laws. The regulations should be followed at all times with an Environmental supervisor in place to document all key findings. Alumina does not have any written regulations that match with the State and Federal governments at this time. The employees need these practices and references in place to ensure that they are following the laws that have been made. Environmental Policy The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was passed in 1970 along with the Environmental Quality Improvement Act, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These federal enactments were to put into place to ensure that the environment would be protected against both the public and private actions (Environmental lawyers, 1997). Alumina was reported to be in violation f an environmental discharge into Lake Dira. However, according to the EPA, Alumina quickly responded to the allegation and cleaned-up the Lake. The violation within the organization was promptly corrected and Alumni have not had another incident. Ethical Issues Ethical issues such moral values, beliefs and principles are considered as foundation f civilized society. People follow these values on a day to day basis.

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