Friday, October 18, 2019

Diversity Training in Organizations Research Paper

Diversity Training in Organizations - Research Paper Example versity training, the step by step discussion creates awareness of what the topic entails and informs the reader on the reasons as to why and how diversity training should be embraced. To have in-depth information, the paper has obtained relevant information from available books and scholarly articles. Even though diversity training is much applicable to current organizations, there are many challenges that have not been resolved thus it acts as detrimental a diverse group in a work environment. Whichever the case, organizations ought to appreciate the diverse nature of employees. Diversity has been a developing conception. The term specifically focuses on an individual through societal assemble. According to Kreitz, â€Å"many current writers define diversity as any significant differences that distinguishes one individual from another- a description that encompasses a broad range of overt and hidden qualities† (2007, p. 2). Discrimination in any workforce can be discouraging. It is the aim of any business to eradicate any form of discrimination within the workforce and create an environment that appreciates diversity (Awang, Shafie & Pearl, n.d.). It is quite important knowing that diversity does not necessarily cause differences. Gopta’s definition of diversity says it all â€Å"diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing & celebrating differences among people with respect to age, and ethnicity, and gender, physical & mental ability † (2013, p. 36). Organizations are forced to use varied ways of managing diversity. Training is one of the strategies and it varies from one organization to the other. The definition given by an organization depends on how it understands diversity. The workforce diversity has become a major force in the working environment and has called for an immediate focus. Douglas observes that it has become necessary to have diversity initiatives to handle the demographic shift (2007). Diversity training

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