Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mabel McKay Weaving the Dream Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mabel McKay Weaving the Dream - Essay Example Mabel was a very quiet and observant child. She always stared about the things. She was so weak that Sarah had to told to the people who said the girl looked like she was starving to death. When she began to speak a strange thing happened that she started restless nights and she began to say things those were not supposed to be known by her. She talked about her step - mother the big lady. Every one was surprised that how could she has known anything about that as she was an infant child then. Sarah considered her special child with unique qualities. When the Mabel was at the age of twelve years, her mother Daisy returned back and tried to handover her to an old Colusa man. Sarah had to shift Mabel McKay to Mrs. Spencer’s house who was a very nice lady and mostly hired the Indian to cut the grapes at each fall. There were many ways by which the local inhabitants following the indigenous practices and views. They expressed their views and followed traditional customs in different gathering and festivals. For example when Sarah went to see her sister Belle, both â€Å"sat on the floor, in the old style, even though Belle had a new table with four perfectly comfortable wooden chairs. And when they got sleepy, they camped right there, folding up their shawls for a pillows† (Sarris, 16). The life in valley till was very simple yet few things were changed. There were Roads every where. where. Also the large oak tree along the Creek looked dry and along the water where sweet clover grew year round, there was nothing but, dusty earth, and cow dung (Sarris, 17). Following were the common ways by which the people follow the indigenous practices and views.

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