Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Promoting Democracy in Cuba Annotated Bibliography

Promoting Democracy in Cuba - Annotated Bibliography Example The author points to limitations on both sides of the fence in terms of the absorptive capacity of the targeted country and the ability of the promoting country to provide appropriate support. He stresses the dangers that may result from over-selling democracy which may reduce a prospective country’s commitment to the process and refers to some of the problems that occur under perverse examples of democracy assistance and promotion. The author indicates that evaluating democracy assistance continues to be an extremely imprecise art which is affected by elements of doubt and offers assistance in terms of approaches to take in promoting democracy internationally. The following study looks at the future of democracy in Cuba and shows how active and direct democracy has worked against the Cuban communist regime. The author who is a lecturer at the University of Colorado indicates that the promotion of the democracy has led to changes in the political economic system in Cuba. The imposition of economic blockade by the United States government is both direct and active as the aim of this drastic measure is to place direct pressure on the Cuban government to change its political system. All countries depend on trade and the United States is a powerful trading partner with states such as Florida a stone throw away. The author also indicates that demise of socialist economic system in the Soviet Union has also had a devastating though indirect impact on Cuba because of the preferential trade agreements which the government of Cuba had with the Soviet bloc. This is indirect and passive because it is through the direct promotion of democracy in the Soviet Union that led to changes in the political economic system on Cuba. The fact that the Soviet Union no longer exists meant that the Cuban governm ent lost the support that allowed them to stave off some of the negative impact that the US economic blockade presented. Both of these have led

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