Friday, November 1, 2019

Medical law and ethics discussion questions Essay

Medical law and ethics discussion questions - Essay Example Physician’s duty in the medical field is to conduct diagnosis, offer referral services and update patients on their treatment procedures alongside articulation of the intended results. In the society, they have the role of counseling and advising parents, writing medical articles to enlighten the public and providing professional testimony on behalf of victims of torture seeking asylum. Their role has gradually changed from that of a director to that of the controller and health instructor (Stoddard et al 1). In addition to assessment of diseases and injury, healthcare providers treat the patients accordingly, provide care for them and enlighten them on the preventive measures associated with various ailments. Moreover, they run the facilities that offer the healthcare services (Stoddard et al 1). Managed care may affect one’s career through controls on the professional independence. Physician dissatisfaction is bound to arise if managed care infringes upon the physician’s relationships, practice approaches, decision making or controls for income (Stoddard et al 1). MCOs can only manage to offer the required form of care by ensuring the physicians, or medical professionals are satisfied since dissemination of care is upon them (Stoddard et al 1). They can only achieve this by revising the limits imposed on clinical autonomy, boosting patient confidence on physicians and involving physicians work schedule set up processes. Stoddard, Jeffrey, Lee Hargraves, Marie Reed and Alison Vratil. â€Å"Managed care, Proffessional Autonomy, and Income: Effects on Physician Career Satisfaction.† J Gen Intern Med 16.10(2001): 675-684.

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