Monday, March 16, 2020

Fausto de Elhuyar essays

Fausto de Elhuyar essays Fausto de Elhuyar the man, the myth, the legend lived from 1775-1833. Elhuyar was no ordinary chemist. Along with being the co-discoverer of tungsten, he has written and published many of his works. He was the founder of the Royal school of mines in Mexico. Now that Ive given you an overview, lets go more into depth into Fausto de Elhuyars life and accomplishments. Elhuyar was born on October eleventh, 1755 at Logrono Castile. He studied chemistry in Paris from 1772 to 1777. In 1783, along side his brother Juan Jose, Elhuyar made the discovery of Wolfram. This was often confused with several other elements before Elhuyar and his brother made his discovery. Although this name is still used in the German language, it is better known to us as tungsten. The name tungsten means heavy stone. The symbol for tungsten is W. Its atomic number is 74, and atomic mass is 183.84 amu. Tungsten is classified as a transition metal, and is silver in color. It wasnt until March fourth, of 1784 that the Academy of sciences of Toulouse received notice of their discovery. Because of the discovery of tungsten, it has made it possible to have a revolution in the machine shop practice where new tungsten steel, also known as high speed steal, is now presently used. Afterwards, Fausto de Elhuyar took some time for travel. He took this opportunity to study e xtensively while visiting such places as Central Europe and Mexico. The Royal school of mines was founded by Elhuyar in 1792. While at the Royal school of mines a civil war broke out in Mexico. This was the cause for a drop in funds to the school and the number of students enrolled. In 1812 there were thirty-five students enrolled in the school. This number continued to decline each year until the beginning of 1821 where there were nine students enrolled in the Royal school of mines. Even with such a low number of students enrolled at the school classes continue...

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