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Question: What Is The Issues Have Become A Grave Global Concern? Answer: Introduction Mental health issues have become a grave global concern in the current decade. The causes vary hugely and may be attributed to a huge number of factors. It is mainly pre-dominant in the youth and the old age population, though there are exceptions. With the advent of globalisation there is growth and development happening at an alarming rate. This puts constant financial pressure on people across the globe. There is a constant fight for time and space in order to carve out a better niche for oneself. This often results in development of inferiority complexes within an individual. This often leads to the development of serious mental ill health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The assignment here aims at focussing upon the problems encountered in providing effective services in depression management and the benefits provided by the implementation of an integrated record system. Problem Depression may be described as a condition where the active alertness of the mind is affected. This may be caused due to mismatch in the concentration of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. As reported by Markle?Reid McAiney (2016), depression is 80% inheritable and may also be adversely affected by environmental stress. Thus, depression results in a lack of zeal in a person to live or survive resulting in development of suicidal thoughts in an individual. The external signs of depression may be expressed in the form of hyper anxieties. Some of the symptoms of hyper anxieties may result in sleep apnea in a person, lack of concentration in an individual, binge eating, aggressive behaviour. Most of the times the signs and symptoms goes unnoticed, costing the life of an individual. Death due to hyper anxieties and depression are a tragic reality affecting the youth population of Australia. As asserted by Angstman et al. (2015), weak foundations lead during the adolescent years and a disturbed family environment have often been found to act as a catalyst in such cases. The rate is high in the age group of 16- 25 in the North South Wales (NSW) youths of Australia. The rates have been almost 20 % in men compared to 18% in females often leading to hospitalizations in severe cases. The problem here could be attributed to the lack of alertness in the parent or inable to achieve sufficient counselling and support from the surrounding environment. As commented by Lohman et al.(2015),mental illness is still stigmatised by the larger part of the society across the globe. This often results in only a quarter of the population actually reporting the actual depression. However, by the time they have visited a psychologists there is already so much told and defined that the patient losses the zeal to elaborate the problem any further. This results in a huge disruption in the care-providing channel. Thus, there is a need to integrate an integrated information channel so that the successive professionals have easier access to the actual problem encountered by the patient. Moreover, lack of sufficient amounts of fund along with awareness of the local and federal government can make the situation worse. Capabilities Depression and anxiety management is a multidisciplinary area, which needs constant car and supervision. However, as commented by Gallo et al. (2013), much of the funding and care managing strategies aimed at providing relief to people suffering from depression remains unutilized. Evidences and reports have shown that 85% of the cases of depression and other mental illnesses remain unreported. This may be attributed to the lack of awareness among people regarding the signs and symptoms of depression (Corrieri et al. 2013).Recently there has been a drastically increase in the rate of suicide among the indigenous youths of the North South Wales of Australia. This may be attributed to a number of factors such as lack of parental guidance, loneliness, and peer pressure dejection in competitive and personal space. The programs have been found to be hugely effective in the control and prevention of suicides among the youth of Australia. The implementation of the my health record system ensures that the successive mental health professionals are provided with an enriched version of the case history. The treatment of mental health issues is often a complex area of health care and treatment. In this context, the recuperation and survival is subjective to transparency being maintained by the support and care service users. Moreover, the stigma possessed by the society often makes reporting about mental health conditions difficult to achieve. This results in the hiding of many important details about the past life as well as the present condition of the patient. As asserted by Teesson et al. (2014), providing incomplete and false information by the patient may affect the authenticity of the mental health treatment procedure. Benefits There are a number of benefits of the my health record system which results in maintaining transparency in the care providing channel for depression care and management. The inculcation of such programmes helps in saving time as well as additional costs being vested. The program was implemented to ensure that timely rederressal is provided to the patients reported to depict suicidal thoughts or behaviours. Additionally, the integration of a number of health channels including the general physicians, psychiatrists can help in enriched care services. Australia has seen a sharp increase in the rate of teenage suicide in the current century. Thus, some of the local and non-governrmental organizations such as Mind matters can help in advocating such causes. Conclusion The increasing pressure or competition often results in the development of a peer pressure in the minds of an impressionable youth. It may be attributed to the constant zeal to beat one another in a competition environment. The inability to cope up with the demanding situation may often result in the development of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety in the minds of an individual. Thus, unchecked and unreported depression can often result in the development of suicidal thoughts in an individual. Therefore, the development of a health channel with integrated services can help in providing timely solution and redressal to the perils suffered by an individual. References Angstman, K. B., Phelan, S., Myszkowski, M. R., Schak, K. M., DeJesus, R. S., Lineberry, T. W., Van Ryn, M. (2015). Minority primary care patients with depression: outcome disparities improve with collaborative care management.Medical care,53(1), 32-37. Coles, M. 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