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Role Concept in Healthcare-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Questions: 1. Identify and explain which of Beckys needs are not being met. 2. How does the interference with these needs effect Beckys wellbeing? Include a description of any coping techniques you have identified. 3. Is time management an issue in this scenario? If so, what changes could be made by Elaine, Becky and the other staff members? Answers: 1.Taking the Maslows hierarchy of needs into consideration, Beckys need for self-confidence, respect and self-esteem is not being met (Anderson, 2014). The esteem needs of Becky are the basis for human desire where she should be accepted and valued by others. In the case scenario, Becky waned to work on front desk and interact with clients, if she would get chance. She felt that her colleagues are laughing at her back and as a result, she was not feeling good about herself. She wanted to be praised by others and lack confidence in her life. She is having negative feelings about herself that is affecting her emotional health and well-being. Her self-esteem is not being properly met with feelings of negativity and inferiority in performing her daily tasks that depicts self-esteem needs is not being fulfilled. She is not finding a sense of accomplishment in the activities either in hobbies or professionally. As she is lacking self-esteem, she is looking for respect from others to improv e her view of herself. It is important that she need to feel good about herself so that she is able to perform her tasks diligently (Lester, 2013). Moreover, she is being recruited at the healthcare facility without any work experience and as a result, she felt nervous and require proper training so that she is able to demonstrate her skills properly. She also lacks effective communication skills and she is unable to interact with the clients at the front desk. Therefore, self-esteem and training needs are required for Becky. 2.Health problems started arising with her lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. She is not feeling confident about her ability and that is affecting her mental health. She is getting nervous, anxious and having negative feelings about herself. Strong sense of self-identity and self-esteem are very important and closely related to good mental health (Dogan, Totan Sapmaz, 2013). She is lacking sense of identity as she is developing negativity and lack of self-worth. This is affecting her overall physical and mental health. She is not having a strong sense of her own identity and found trouble in making decisions. As she is having poor self-esteem, she is gradually getting susceptible to a number of psychological problems like depression, anxiety and eating disorder. Low self-esteem is also a contributing factor for her behavior where she is having trouble in getting along with her daily tasks. To cope up with her situation, she started getting addicted to alcohol for stress management. While returning home, she started to feel upset and poured herself a large glass of wine, pizza and large bowl of ice cream. She started getting addicted to drinking and every day on her walk to home; she stopped at the liquor store and replenished her wine stock. It was an easy way for her to forget about her work with a glass of wine in the evening. She also started grinding her teeth and everyday work with a headache and felt sick that is affecting her overall health and well-being (Yen et al., 2014). 3.Time management is an issue in the scenario as she is unable to complete her tasks on time and felt overburdened. She had scheduling errors and became frustrated in doing paperwork at the front desk. With time, she was unable to cope up with the workload and manage it within the working hours. As it is evident that Becky lacked training, so Elaine as her mentor should provide her proper training in time management. Becky possesses the required skills and therefore, she should be assigned with tasks that demonstrate her skills in the best possible manner. Time management training should be given to her that can help her to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve results (Hfner, Stock Oberst, 2015). As she is a fresher, she need to be made aware of the organizational practice policies and learned so that she delivers the best. Goal accomplishment training is also required that can help her to connect the daily activities to her work and life goals. Another issue is that she lacks interpersonal communication skills with her colleagues and clients while working at the front desk. Therefore, proper training is also required in enhancing her communication skills so that there is reduction in time delays and loss in productivity due to miscommunication with clients. Active listening skills are also required, as she is getting impatient with increase in calls. These training needs are important in her both personal and professional life so that she leads a quality life (Nadinloyi et al., 2013). References Anderson, A. (2014). Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.The Prairie Light Review,36(2), 7. Dogan, T., Totan, T., Sapmaz, F. (2013). The role of self-esteem, psychological well-being, emotional self-efficacy, and affect balance on happiness: a path model.European Scientific Journal, ESJ,9(20). Hfner, A., Stock, A., Oberst, V. (2015). Decreasing students stress through time management training: an intervention study.European journal of psychology of education,30(1), 81-94. Lester, D. (2013). Measuring Maslow's hierarchy of needs.Psychological Reports,113(1), 15-17. Nadinloyi, K. B., Hajloo, N., Garamaleki, N. S., Sadeghi, H. (2013). The study efficacy of time management training on increase academic time management of students.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,84, 134-138. Yen, C. F., Chou, W. J., Liu, T. L., Yang, P., Hu, H. F. (2014). The association of Internet addiction symptoms with anxiety, depression and self-esteem among adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.Comprehensive psychiatry,55(7), 1601-1608.

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