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Who is the Green Knight Essay - 1175 Words

Who is the Green Knight? The Green Knight is described as an unusual and supernatural figure in the fourteenth century story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Throughout the story he is portrayed as a very confident individual who intends to play a game with one of the knights of the Round Table. In doing this, the Green Knight hopes to show that the knights of the Round Table indeed have flaws and weaknesses; this is the Green Knights overall goal. However, the Green Knight himself can be viewed as a being prone to flaws and experiencing weaknesses. As the deceitful master plan he creates develops throughout the story, so does the truth behind his intentions for such a plan. Thus, the role and purpose of the Green Knight is to be†¦show more content†¦He offers his head to be cut off in exchange for a counterattack. What is unusual about the Green Knight is that he is known as the Green Knight throughout the story until Sir Gawain asks him for his name: How runs your right name? (208). The Green Knight explains to Sir Gawain how he has come to be known as the Green Knight. He explains to Sir Gawain that Bercilak de Hautdesert is his real name, and because of a magical lady known as Morgan le Faye, he is transformed into such a being. The Green Knight continues to explain that the reason she does this to him is all part of a plan to undermine Arthurs knights to cause his self-destruction. Morgan le Faye, who is Arthurs half-sister, later makes her goal to destroy her brothers kingdom and place her son, Mordred, on the throne. Because of this, the Green Knight is created by her to confuse Arthur and his men, She put this shape upon me to puzzle your wits (208), as well as to scare Guinevere. In the end, the plan works, as Sir Gawain fails the test and Morgan le Fayes scheme. The Green Knights test of Sir Gawain makes it clear that no man can be virtuous in everything he does. Morgan le Fayes scheme works as she not only achieves in making Sir Gawain fall from his knightly role as chivalrous and virtuous, but also uses the Green Knight for her plan. The fourteenth-century poem Sir Gawain andShow MoreRelatedArchetypes In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight829 Words   |  4 PagesGawain and the Green Knight. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight most characters or objects served to aid in the development of the hero by being either a situational, character, color, or a symbol archetype. The poem begins with a challenge being presented to the knights of the Round Table by the Green Knight. While seeing that no one else will accept the challenge, putting Camelot’s honor at stake, Gawain accepts and then realizes that in a year they must meet again and the Green Knight will returnRead MoreSir Gawain and the Green Knight1100 Words   |  5 PagesThe poem of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight compares a super natural creature to nature. The mystery of the poem is ironic to the anonymous author. The story dates back into the fourteenth century, but no one knows who originally wrote the poem. This unknown author explains in the poem of Sir Gawain not knowing of the location of the Green Chapel and or who the Green Knight really is. This keeps the reader entertained with the suspicion of not knowing. The author then does not give his name orRead MoreAnalysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight955 Words   |  4 Pagesclassic medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that is used to form a more captivating story and construct a deeper meaning to the plot. The color green certainly is a prominent color in the poem, especially with the Green Knight, who is literally green from head to toe. The Green Knight makes quite the entrance on his horse as he rides into Camelot disrupting King Arthur and his knight’s New Year’s Feast. The Green Knight has come to find out if the Knights of the Round Table are as loyal andRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight Chivalry Essay796 Words   |  4 PagesKnights and shining armor, is a modern day description of knights. These knights road on horseback, jousted, b ut more importantly, served by a code. This was a code dealing with chivalry, in which knights obeyed by. The article Nighthood and Chivalry, defines it by, â€Å"In modern English, chivalry means the ideals, virtues, or characteristics of knights,† (Velde). There is one specific knight who shows this code in the story, Sir Gawain and The Green Knight. The knight is Gawain, a noble and courageousRead MoreKnighthood And Chivalry In The Green Knight And Le Morte DArthur1055 Words   |  5 Pages In Medieval Time, knighthood and chivalry were very important. In their society, knights played a major role. Knights made sure that the towns were protected, and made sure everyone stayed safe including the King. Knights also had a system to follow which contained religious, moral, and social code-this system was named Chivalry. If you were considered as a knight, you had to follow this system at all times. Some acts that were included in chivalry was loyalty, honor, courage, and cour tesy. ManyRead MoreSir Gawain And The Green Knight1359 Words   |  6 Pagesthe poem â€Å"Sir Gawain and The Green Knight,† a protagonist emerges depicting an Arthurian knight named Sir Gawain. Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s nephew, takes initiative by accepting the challenge requested by the Green Knight in place of his uncle. He undergoes a perilous adventure, seeking for the Green Knight to receive the final blow. Although Sir Gawain is not viewed as a hero for his military accomplishments, he is, however, viewed as a heroic figure by the Knights at the Round Table for his knightlyRead MoreSir Gawain and The Green Knight Essay1109 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Green Knight† Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a very interesting and stimulating narration, filled with mystical creatures and wonderful details, the author known as Gawain-poet did a wonderful job in portraying the characters throughout the story. During the story, The Green Knight challenges King Arthur to a game, which Sir Gawain accepts. Gawain participates in the game by chopping the head off of the green knight, who picks it up and leaves, Gawain is to meet the green knight in aRead MoreArchetypal Characters In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight : Character Analysis1143 Words   |  5 Pagesages of literature, a story such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight had many aspects of Joseph Campbell’s view of the hero’s journey. In the story of our character Sir Gawain accepts a â€Å"Call to adventure† (Campbell 45) and goes on a quest that will go through many of the archetypes. Likewise, there lies one character, The Green Knight, that can be many of the archetypal characte rs in the cycle of the hero’s journey. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight dramatically demonstrates how a single character canRead More Gawains Encounter with the Green Knight in the Green Chapel1577 Words   |  7 PagesGawains Encounter with the Green Knight in the Green Chapel Even though little is known about the author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, it is considered to be one of the greatest romances of all time. The poem tells the story of one of Arthurs noblest and most courageous knights, Sir Gawain, who is in search of the Green Chapel: Sir Gawain ingeniously combines two plots, common in folklore and romance, although not found together elsewhere: the beheading contest, in which two partiesRead MoreAnalysis Of Part 1 Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight837 Words   |  4 Pagesseems to govern Arthurs court? In Part 1 of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Arthurs court is governed the knights’ sense of duty, pride, and loyalty to their king. Celebrations of Camelot were considered to be the grandest and lavish feasts of the time. All of the wealthy knights and lords came to feast and enjoy the material pleasures at their disposal. Although they may seem rowdy and uncontrolled in their feasting, the knights remain bound to their codes of honor and chivalry. Even when a total

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